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The Perfect Pairing of Carport Structures and Solar Panels

Among the many ways businesses are reducing their carbon footprints is an exceptional pairing of eco-friendly technology and architectural ingenuity — the seamless integration of solar panels with carport structures.   This combination is a brilliant and practical solution, providing us with renewable energy while making the best use of available space. It also boasts remarkable longevity, making it a sustainable choice. Let's explore why this match made in eco-heaven is capturing the imagination of architects, engineers, environmentalists, landowners, project managers and builders alike.   A Natural Match  In the pursuit of cleaner energy solutions, solar panels and carport structures have found a natural affinity for each other. Carports, known for their ability to shield vehicles from the [...]

Solar Farms: Clean Energy Supported by Custom Metal Ground-mount Systems

While driving through the countryside, you may see an unusual “crop” in the fields: sprawling displays of metal and silicon panels. Instead of wheat, barley or beans, these farms produce energy in the form of electricity. Mainly found in rural areas where space and sunlight are abundant, solar farms produced 146 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in 2022. (For context, an average home in a mild climate consumes roughly 20 kWh of electrical energy in a day.) Underneath (literally!) these clean energy endeavors, you’ll find custom metal parts, which make up the various substructures used in solar farm installations. Solar farms have been popping up across the United States for decades and are growing substantially in [...]

Five Reasons to Use Corrugated Metal for Agricultural Buildings

Agriculture is a 24/7, day-in and day-out endeavor, and that doesn’t just apply to the people involved. It applies to the equipment and buildings as well. The forces of nature and the rigors of day-to-day operations create a challenge for building in agricultural settings. From barns, stables, and machine sheds to greenhouses and storage facilities, the importance of sturdy, long-lasting structures cannot be overstated. The demands of an agricultural setting – often involving exposure to chemicals, livestock waste, water, and weather – call for specialized building materials, especially (but not limited to!) roofing and siding. These buildings play a critical role in safeguarding valuable assets (livestock, machinery, seed, feed, etc.) and ensuring seamless operations. Construction in [...]


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