[emph]Learn more about the proper storage of CMI products for your project.[/emph]

To ensure the best possible performance from your CMI products, we’ve provided detailed instructions below on their proper storage.

Most importantly, CMI’s products must be kept dry at all times. They must never be stored outdoors or in any environment where moisture or condensation can occur between stacked sheets.

Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminized Steel, Galvalume, and all alloys of Aluminum are susceptible to what is commonly referred to as “White Rust,” “Black Rust,” and “Water Stain.”  These are stains on the metal that are caused by electrolysis, which occurs when water or moisture exists between stacked sheets.

Pre-painted metal products are susceptible to change or loss of paint gloss, discoloration, delamination, disintegration, and other accelerated defects of the paint as a result of wet stacking or moisture between stacked sheets.

Recommendations for Shipping and Storage of CMI Products

In addition to the above, CMI recommends the following for all shipments and storage of our products:

  1. Comply with manufacturer’s current printed product storage recommendations.
  2. Deliver materials in manufacturer’s original, unopened, undamaged containers with identification labels intact.
  3. Provide packaged or wrapped materials in original containers and wrappings with seals unbroken and labels intact until time of installation.
  4. Store materials above ground, under waterproof covering, protected from exposure to harmful weather conditions and at temperature and humidity conditions recommended by manufacturer. Provide proper ventilation to prevent condensation build-up. Tilt stack to drain in wet conditions. Remove strippable plastic film before storage under high-heat conditions. Store products in manufacturer’s unopened packaging until just prior to installation.
  5. Exercise caution in unloading and handling metal panel system to prevent bending, warping, twisting, and surface damage.

CMI assumes absolutely no responsibility or liability for damage to our products which occurs in the possession of the consignee or which we deem to be the result of improper handling and/or storage.