[emph]Buyers, contractors, original equipment manufacturers, designers, and builders directly benefit by using the metal corrugating, roll forming, and design services and expertise Corrugated Metals, Inc. offers.[/emph]

Your metal corrugating and roll formed designs can be fabricated, created, or rolled using virtually any profile by our skilled workforce.

CMI industrial customers know why we are their roll forming choice. Please review the list that follows to understand the major benefits you can derive from our metal corrugating services.


Corrugated Metals maintains strategic quality standards, among these are:

  • Prime Materials Only: CMI sells only prime aluminum and steel products. Every product we manufacture is accompanied by mill certification reports, which document the quality of the metal.
  • Process Control: Every product is checked for gauge, length, width, coverage, surface quality, squareness, and correct count.


We take service seriously at CMI. From the first contact, we treat our customers as they deserve to be treated – with excellent service. We communicate promptly and courteously, and provide as much information and detail as we can. Every project is followed closely, and communication is maintained long after the project is completed.

Longevity in the Industry

CMI has manufactured metal products for over 100 years, and that experience provides expertise to our customers. When the customer works with the best-established firm in the business, the customer wins!

Dedication to Our Markets

We make it our business to be the best-informed and most proactive company in the roll forming and corrugated metal field. We accept only those projects where our expertise will allow. We are dedicated to the continuing improvement of our capabilities, both in our manufacturing processes and controls and in our service to our customers.

Direct Contact with Ownership

CMI is a private, family-owned business. As such, you may rest assured that decision makers are involved with every aspect of your project. This involvement results in better service to the customer.