Middle and Outer Reflectors for the Solar Industry

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  • Kogan Creek Project
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The Kogan Creek Power Station, located in Queensland, Australia, is home to a 44 megawatt solar thermal addition that augments its electrical output and fuel efficiency. We were contracted to construct several components for this large installation.

Family-run and in business for more than 100 years, Corrugated Metals, Inc.’s reputation for quality has achieved a global reach, which has provided us with the opportunity to participate in many high-profile projects.

The scope of this project incorporated fabrication of approximately 2,618,000 square feet of materials over a 13-month period. We roll formed the solar reflectors pictured below from 24-ga ASTM grade 33 steel with a G90 galvanized finish. Featuring dimensions of 35” and 23” in width, 317.25” in length, and 1.50” in height, strategic inspection procedures, conducted in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 quality program, assured their integrity.

Of principal importance was ensuring the safe, timely, and cost-effective shipment of these panels to Australia. Already familiar with ISPM 15 standards for packaging and shipping goods for export, we were able to readily navigate through the maze of international regulations as well as Australian customs rules and detailed labeling and documentation requirements.

The Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project is meant to showcase how renewable and conventional electricity generation technologies can be integrated. We were pleased to have an opportunity to broaden our experience in the environmentally-responsible solar market on such a large scale.

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CATEGORIES: Custom Roll Forming, OEM

  • Product Description
    6″ Rib Middle & Outer Reflectors

  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Primary: Design Assistance Roll Forming
    Secondary: Cutting to Length, Containerized Shipping

  • Overall Dimensions
    Width: 35” ± 0.25 & 23” ± 0.25
    Length: 317.25” +0/-0.25

  • Tightest Tolerances
    Peak Height 1.50” ± 0.03

  • Material Used
    ASTM A653 Grade 33 Minimum
    Thickness: 24 GA – 0.024″ Minimum

  • Material
    G90 Galvanized Finish

  • In process testing/inspection performed
    Dimensional Inspection – Length, Width, Material Thickness, Peak Height, Leg Lengths, Squareness

  • Industry for Use

  • Volume
    2,618,000 sf

  • Delivery/Turnaround Time
    13 Months

  • Delivery Location
    Dalby, Australia

  • Standards Met
    Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing ISO 9001:2008 (Special Documenting and Labeling Requirements)
    Compliance with Australian Quarantine & Australian Standard ISPM15 Regulations

  • Product Name
    Kogan Creek