Galvanized Steel Siding Panels for Ag Industry

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The scope of projects we undertake here at Corrugated Metals, Inc. is diverse and we manage them using highly developed materials sourcing and production strategies to ensure that we remain the sturdiest link in each and every customer’s supply chain.

We manufacture a high volume of the corrugated siding panels shown here for a customer in the agricultural industry. By maintaining productive, long-term relationships with a network of trusted metal centers, we are able to reliably source high quality materials on an ongoing basis in volumes that enable us to achieve great economy. We supply this customer with painted galvanized steel panels annually, and employ the very latest in measuring technology to ensure that dimensional specifications are met. Shipped to the customer within two weeks of order, each shipment is accompanied by a mill certification report that guarantees the material meets ASTM A653 requirements.

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, choosing us as their corrugated metal supplier enables this customer to derive maximum value while saving on material expenditures.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can become your most reliable source for roll formed products, contact us today.

  • Product Description
    Siding Panel

  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Primary: Roll Forming
    Secondary: Cutting to Length

  • Overall Dimensions
    Length: Varies

  • Material Used
    Galvanized Steel

  • Material Finish
    Painted Finish

  • In process testing/inspection performed
    Dimensional Inspection – Length, Width, Cover, Depth, Thickness

  • Industry for Use

  • Delivery/Turnaround Time
    2 Weeks

  • Delivery Location
    Northern US

  • Standards Met
    Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing ASTM A653 ISO 9001:2015