Galvanized Steel Box Beam Siding Panels

  • Galvanized Steel Providence Park Hospital
Providence Park Hospital, located in Novi, MI, is a modern, technology-forward healthcare facility that was built with quality as one of its highest priorities. As part of the construction project, Corrugated Metals, Inc. was contracted to supply 67,200 square feet of custom corrugated, galvanized steel siding panels.

We utilized our box beam profile for this institutional application to provide a strong and aesthetically pleasing solution for portions of the façade. Since roll forming adds both strength and rigidity to materials, this configuration helped lower costs by enabling the use of lighter weight materials to achieve the same performance properties as heavier gauge sheet metal.

To fabricate the panels, we utilized 22-gauge G-90 galvanized steel with a high performance architectural finish. The three-part Kynar Lintec coating, which consists of a thin layer of plastic film containing resin, binder, and pigments, was applied to provide protection against the negative effects of weathering and aging. In addition to dimensional inspections, we visually inspected the materials to verify that the color was uniform throughout the entire production run.

We finished the entire order of custom panels, which featured dimensions of 35.5” in width and were cut to various lengths, within a two-month time frame.

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CATEGORIES: Construction

  • Product Description
    Box Beam Siding

  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Primary: Corrugated Roll Forming
    Secondary: Cutting to Length

  • Overall Dimensions
    Width: 35.5”
    Length: Varies

  • Material Used
    G-90 Galvanized Steel
    Thickness: 22 GA

  • Material
    Painted three-coat Kynar Lintec medium grey color with a clear coat

  • In process testing/inspection performed
    Dimensional Inspection – Length, Width, Squareness, Depth, Gauge
    Visual Inspection – Color

  • Industry for Use

  • Volume
    67,200 sf

  • Delivery/Turnaround Time
    2 Months

  • Delivery Location
    Novi, Michigan

  • Standards Met
    Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing