New, Custom Panel for Interactive Museum

This project was in support of an innovative community space and learning environment that is part workshop, part museum. It’s a place for hands-on experiences in science, math, engineering, and technology for middle school groups and children ages 6 and up and aims to become a family-friendly destination when it opens in 2023. As the architect on the project, Architectural Wall Systems had a goal to develop a simple, flexible, and adaptable structure for the town’s newest landmark.

To complete the building exterior, AWS needed to source metal panels that would provide an aesthetically pleasing look resembling that of a “container.” However, the required metal panels needed for the job were custom, and AWS was struggling to find someone with the right capabilities, tools, and expertise to take on the high-visibility project.

Supporting our long-standing relationship with AWS, we stepped up to the plate.

Our priority as the supplier was to form a new, never-before made panel out of a custom perforated metal. The panels also needed to be equipped to support a backlight feature. To meet these requirements, we created a brushed aluminum surface with a customized perforating pattern, available in multiple lengths from short to long. This involved:

  • Sourcing a rare material, 5052 alloy, to fabricate the brushed aluminum
  • Purchasing new tooling to make the parts
  • Manufacturing specialty products using competitively advantageous capabilities

Upon installation, a significant portion of the panels created were rejected the first time out and had to be redone. Refusing to leave the project and AWS in a bind, we stuck through until all 50k sq feet of panels were approved and correctly installed, on time.

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    Client Profile

    Architectural Wall Systems, LLC (AWS) is a full service, state-of-the-art exterior envelope contracting services provider since 1991. From design concept to installation completion, their talented staff of architectural designers, engineers, estimators, project managers and field mechanics continuously work to exceed expectations and deliver projects within budget and on time.

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    Project Showcase Highlights

    – Architectural services provider struggled to find a metal manufacturer equipped to fabricate custom metal panels for a high-visibility project

    – CMI successfully sourced a rare material and bought new tooling to create a brushed aluminum surface with a customized perforating pattern, available in multiple lengths from short to long

    – CMI stuck by AWS’s side despite project setbacks and successfully completed the project on time