Bold Rib II Aluminum Kynar Panels

  • bold rib aluminum panels
Adding custom roll formed and perforated panels to a parking garage façade provides an attractive design accent while still allowing adequate airflow to dissipate harmful auto exhaust.

A well-known roofing and siding contractor approached us to fabricate the panels shown here to add a “dressed up” look to a Fashion Outlet parking facility. Working with .0.32” thick painted Kynar aluminum perforated sheets, we roll formed the profiles so that the already-perforated and painted sheets could allow a fresh air supply to circulate in, and disperse the unwanted fumes.

We produced 26,000 square feet of these decorative and functional 44” wide off-white panels within a three-month time frame. Our combination of premium quality raw materials and precision craftsmanship will enable these panels to endure long-term exposure to harsh outdoor elements while adding visual appeal to an otherwise ordinary structure.

Corrugated Metal, Inc.’s reputation for manufacturing premium quality products that provide long-term, low maintenance performance in outdoor environments makes us a preferred supplier to building contractors around the globe.

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  • Product Description
    Bold Rib II Profile Perforated & Painted

  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Primary: Roll Forming Perforating
    Secondary: Cutting to Length

  • Overall Dimensions
    Width: 44”
    Length: Varies

  • Material Used
    Non-Clad Aluminum Kynar
    Thickness: 0.032″
    Perforated 1/2” Diameter – 0.687” Staggered Center Holes – 48% Open Area

  • Material Finish
    Color: Off-White

  • In process testing/inspection performed
    Dimensional Inspection – Length, Width, Squareness, Depth, Thickness

  • Industry for Use
    Parking Garage

  • Volume
    26,000 sf

  • Delivery/Turnaround Time
    3 Months

  • Delivery Location
    Rosemont, Illinois

  • Standards Met
    Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing ISO 9001:2008