Aircraft Protective Systems

  • aircraft protective systems
As a U.S. Department of Defense qualified supplier of bulk metal products to the military industry, Corrugated Metals, Inc. was contracted to supply the aircraft protective systems shown here.

Used to shield aircraft from damage in overseas locations, we manufactured a continuous supply of these structures and shipped them on a daily basis to Oman as part of the war reserve pre-positioning program, which assures that our forces on foreign soil have access to replenishment for vital military equipment.

Featuring dimensions of 7’ in width, 25’ in length, and 16’ in height, we manufacture these structures from galvanized steel and stringently inspect them to ensure they are within the ± 0.03125” tolerance requirements of demanding military specifications. Prior to packing and shipping, we utilize a fit template as part of our quality management program to guarantee performance in critical military operations.

As a regular supplier of materials to global locations, we have a deep understanding of the packaging and logistical requirements for forwarding freight overseas and have developed a streamlined solution to ensure their safe arrival at the correct location.

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  • Product Description
    Aircraft Protective Systems

  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Primary: Corrugated Roll Forming
    Secondary: Hole Punching & Notching

  • Overall Dimensions
    Width: 7’ – Length: 25’ – Height: 16’

  • Tightest Tolerances
    ± 0.03125”

  • Material Used
    Galvanized Steel

  • In process testing/inspection performed

    Dimensional Inspection:
    Length, Width, Cover, Gauge, Squareness

    Fit Template

  • Industry for Use

  • Volume
    Millions of Pounds

  • Delivery/Turnaround Time
    Daily Shipments Over Years

  • Delivery Location

  • Standards Met
    Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing ISO 9001:2008