6″ Rib Aluminum Roofing Panels for the Aloha Stadium

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Home to the University of Hawaii’s Warriors football team and frequent site of football’s Pro Bowl, Aloha Stadium near Honolulu, Hawaii is the state’s largest outdoor arena and boasts a 50,000-seat capacity.

The next time you are enjoying one of the many sporting events televised from this tropical location, take a look at the stadium’s roof for the “Aloha Green” panels we manufactured here at Corrugated Metals, Inc.

Working with coils of structural aluminum, we applied a durable Duranar® XL 4-part fluoropolymer coating system that consisted of an 0.8 mil primer, 0.8 mil barrier coat, 0.8 mil color, and 0.8 mil clear coat on both sides. This coating was chosen because of its ability to retain its vibrant color under the constant gaze of the tropical sun while providing outstanding resistance to weathering. As part of the roll forming process, we pre-heated the painted coils and added an additional silicone lubricant to protect the high performance paint system from fabrication induced stresses.

We manufactured a total of 150,000 square feet of roofing panels in 36” widths and various lengths within a six-week time frame. We stacked the panels interleaved with protective sheets to prevent damage to the surface finish and loaded them into a shipping container for ocean transport to Hawaii.

If you would like to learn more about this project, or how our corrugated roll formed roofing panels can enhance your next project, contact us today.

  • Product Description
    6″ Rib

  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Primary: Design Assistance Roll Forming
    Secondary: Cutting to Length

  • Overall Dimensions
    Width: 36”
    Length: Varies

  • Tightest Tolerances
    ± 1/16”

  • Material Used
    6061-T6 Non-Clad Aluminum Alloy ASTM B-209

  • Material Finish
    Color: Aloha Green
    – 0.063″ thick painted Duranar XL 4 coat paint system
    – 0.8 mil primer, 0.8 mil barrier coat, 0.8 mil color, 0.8 mil clear coat on both sides

  • Additional Facts
    Preheated coils for forming and additional silicone lubrication because of the special paint system. Paper interleave in-between each sheet to protect the paint. Packaged and loaded for an ocean container shipment. A highly-specialized paint system has coating to prevent from fading in the sun.

  • In process testing/inspection performed
    Dimensional Inspection – Length, Width, Squareness, Thickness

  • Industry for Use
    Stadium Roof – Entertainment

  • Volume
    158,000 sf

  • Delivery/Turnaround Time
    6 Weeks

  • Delivery Location
    Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Standards Met
    Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing