Perforated Metal

Corrugated Metals, Inc. has been an industry leading resource for perforated metal products for well over a century. From lightweight decorative elements to load-bearing structural components, we design and manufacture perforated metal to meet the precise specifications for the most demanding customers.

Product Information

Perforated metal has the perfect combination of strength, functionality, and design flexibility to make it a practical alternative for a diverse range of applications. Installed on building facades, it can be used to create unique and dramatic architectural statements while helping to control the interior climate and save energy. Our perforated panels provide privacy for building occupants without blocking the view, offer a comfortable level of natural lighting, and insulate the interior from excessive noise.

Our perforated products also play a valuable role in many industrial applications. We can engineer them to precisely control ventilation in heating and cooling units, provide anti-skid surfaces for stair treads and risers, and build them with a precise size and arrangement of holes for use in screening and conveying applications.

We offer an abundant choice of hole sizes, shapes, and punch patterns, and our manufacturing capabilities include a vast range of materials in gauges from foil to thick plate. Size and complexity are limited only by your imagination. We adhere to the tightest tolerances on thickness, openings, flatness, and surface quality, and our high quality products and services have made us the premier supplier of perforated products to many industries.

As a partner resource, we participate in the design of products with a keen eye toward improved quality and cost savings. We are dedicated to continual innovation of our processes and adopting new technologies to support the needs of our customers. If you would like more information about our perforated products and how they can benefit your next application, contact us today.

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