Military Products

Corrugated Metals, Inc. and our affiliate company, Infrastructure Defense Technologies, LLC, manufacture a broad range of modular, sand-filled protective barrier products for military and high-security applications, and recently we worked with IMEC in Illinois to achieve our certification to the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD).


The QSLD is a set of standards that the U.S. Military requires companies to adhere to if they want to be able to sell bulk metal products to military units and programs.

There are a host of criteria required to get this certification, but there are three top criteria that guarantee any company seeking products from a certified distributor will get: Quality, Product Traceability, and Process Controls.

Hush Houses

CMI provides the curved metal panels used to construct Hush Houses for military aircraft. Hush Houses are used to suppress the noise of aircraft jet engines during testing of installed or uninstalled jet engines.


Some of the products and projects we work on include:

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