As homeowners, business owners, designers, and architects, at some point in our lives, we’ll have to face a roofing project. It can be new construction, an update, fixing leaks or malfunctions to the roof. Today we’ll compare unpainted metal and pre-painted metal panels.

Unpainted Panels

Using Galvanized steel or Galvalume ® steel is an economical choice for roofing panels. Both types of steel are available in varied gauges of thicknesses. Usually, material is readily available, which helps with tight construction schedules and minimizes the lead time in production. Galvalume offers a warranty against corrosion.

Aluminum and Stainless steel are very corrosion resistant. These substrates are used in projects located near water or corrosive environments. These metals do not offer warranty.

Painted Panels

Using pre-painted panels provides extra protection against corrosion. CMI’s standard use of Kynar 500® paint system provides superior color retention. There are 20 standard colors to choose from. In addition, there are metallic and weathered colors. Paint warranty varies from 25 to 40 years.

Compared to unpainted panels, pre-painted panels increase in price and are ordered at time of placing order. Color and quantity requirements will impact the lead time of the roofing panels availability and delivery.

Which should you go with?

Choosing unpainted or painted panels will come down to personal preference and price. Once you get down to it, they are both fantastic roofs and will last a very long time! Whether you are looking for unpainted or painted metal roofing, Corrugated Metals is here to serve. Contact us today to request a quote.