Did you know that in addition to roll forming corrugated metal we have the capability to curve corrugated sheets?

Utilizing advanced technology that makes it possible to create a wide range of contours and shapes from a vast selection of metal panels, we provide you with creative options for achieving dynamic and dramatic designs for roofs, walls, facades and other components for your building and structural projects.

Curved metal panels can modernize and transform the look of any building and give an ordinary structure landmark status. Uniquely designed canopies and covered walkways can provide an inviting entryway into retail establishments, and curved decking panels allow architects to add domed and arched ceilings to large public spaces and achieve the desired acoustical characteristics. The possibilities are almost limitless.


Profiles Available 2.67 x 1/2 2.67 x 7/8
Maximum Width 34″ 39 1/8″
Maximum Length 25′ 25′
Minimum Radius 1’3″ 1’3″


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