Earlier this year, new regulations set by the Federal DOT regarding hours of service for drivers went into effect. The new Hours-of-Service (HOS) Regulations have been poised to change the landscape of shipping in the United States since 2011. Freight carriers are now adjusting to the consequences of reduced capacity and productivity.

The HOS regulations enforce stricter limitations on the number of hours that a driver can drive consecutively, and per day. They also set limitations on minimum 34-hour restarts. Prior to these regulations, there were no rules regarding mandatory rest breaks, consecutive driving hours or restarts.

When the rules were first proposed three days before Christmas in 2011, they met with strong opposition from organizations such as the American Trucking Association. To many members of the trucking and shipping industry, the rules anticipated an overall reduction of capacity which, in addition to the current shortage of drivers, would especially hurt the industry during this time of year.

In response these regulations, Corrugated Metals is happy to announce our Shipping Saver Program, a service designed to help purchasing managers and estimators cut costs on shipping during the predicted squeeze after the regulations took effect.

Just put your name on our list, and we’ll give you a call when our delivery trucks are scheduled to pass by your plant or facility. You can place an order at the same time, and we’ll load it onto the truck and deliver it to you for a reduced shipping fee. It’s a win-win situation for all.

To make this program work, all we need is your contact information. If you’re interested in saving money on shipping, especially during the year-end holidays, please visit our website today.