It’s no secret Bombardier is as successful as it is innovative. As a global leader in the transportation industry—and confident enough to call itself the “world’s only manufacturer of planes and trains”—the company is at the forefront of producing the best aircrafts and train cars to travel in. A recent article about the company’s challenge of making passengers comfortable in a train traveling at 360 km/h, or 223 mph, got us thinking about our role in the high-speed train sector.

Corrugated metal is strong, but that doesn’t mean it’s clunky—in fact, it’s incredibly lightweight without compromising durability. Smooth metal sheeting is sleek but costly and thick—whereas corrugated metal has a lightweight construction, lower material coast, flexibility, and longer life. The high-strength to weight ratio typically serves as an ideal candidate for roofing projects, farming, building construction, and storage units, but there are major benefits for the transportation industry.

Take, for example, Bombardier’s Zefiro V300, which is as fast as it is sleek. The extended nose on the power train and aerodynamic passenger trains can zoom across country at phenomenal speeds. While reliability the main concern in choosing a product for train cars, they also need to be as light as possible, which is why corrugated metal is a smarter choice compared to traditional steel. There are major energy savings when using corrugated products, and companies can use this to their advantage by making up for the reduced energy by moving faster and matching the original output or count the money saved as a victory and continue on schedule.

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