If you were in the Northeast this past fall and experienced the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, it would come as no surprise to you if flood control barriers began popping up around you. With the amount of water overflowing from the coast, many homes and businesses were completely flooded out. For those in other parts of the nation, floods are still a common occurrence. In snow storms, the snow can melt and cause water damage, and as we move further into spring, spring showers are sure to appear. With the chances of being flooded so high, it is an opportune time to begin considering various flood control options.

This is where our Metalith H2O products can step in. While similar in design and function as our Metalith product, the Metalith H2O acts as a barrier to flood water in residential, industrial, government, and corporation applications. Its main purpose is strict flood protection – to help fight against possible damage from the normal spring showers all the way to rampant hurricanes and storms. What does this barrier look like? It’s corrugated metal with stainless steel pins and filled with sand, replacing the often used sand bags, which are often more time consuming to install and remove.

Aren’t convinced yet? Then just ask the US Army Corp—back in the mid-2000s, they ran a test of the barriers on our behalf, and they received the best test rating of all the flood fighting products tested. Why? The seepage rates, installation times, and removal times are all much lower than other flood fighting barriers. In the midst of the next storm, say no to a H2O influx…with our flood fighting barriers!