Corrugated Metals would like to introduce the newest member of our product family: the R-Panel. This product line is a new profile for Corrugated Metals, but is already very popular for roofing and siding applications.

What are some of the specifics? It’s corrugated sheet metal that provides a maximum coverage space of 36 inches. With a variety of peaks and valleys, this product line is a new variation of the panels we already offer. Although the R-Panel comes in a standard shape, our engineers can provide custom lengths, depending on your specific application and needs.

On our quest to be more of a one-stop shop in the metal roofing and siding industry, the R-Panel product line is only the first of many new products we plan on rolling out in the next few months. Made specifically for commercial and light industrial applications, this is the next big thing in roll formed roofing and siding projects—come meet the new R-Panel!