Saudi Arabia? Australia? Israel? Korea? Afghanistan? Wherever your export destination may be, our export team at Corrugated Metals can get you there. We have the ability to export products around the world, and we’ve been doing it for more than two decades.

Our export services are customized to each of our customers’ individual needs. We began exporting to meet the needs of our own international customers, and as international commerce has grown for all industries, our exporting services have grown and expanded, too.

We’ve learned that it’s not always easy to export, and the process can be complicated if you’re not accustomed to the requirements of a successful export program. These requirements include:

  • Working with freight forwarders (logistics and ocean container transport companies).
  • Export packaging requirements – Materials must be packaged and prepared properly (they’re often heat treated) to prevent damage while being loaded into containers and during transport.
  • An awareness of international government rules and regulations – Every international destination has different requirements for exporters. Only experienced exporters can appreciate and understand how to meet and navigate through the variety of regulations.
  • Knowing how to be paid on international letters of credit, instead of standard U.S. commercial terms.

Our internal systems at Corrugated Metals have evolved over the past 20 years to accommodate the unique requirements of exports. We’ve made the exporting process a simple and seamless experience at Corrugated Metals!

We’d be happy to help you with your own export program. Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of our years of experience and expertise in exporting your products to the global market.