Every American serving in an embassy or consulate in a potentially hostile nation should have the comfort of knowing that as they strive to represent America with diplomacy, they are protected from insurgent or terrorist attacks. Ensuring their personal safety should be a priority, and the recent attacks in Bengazi, Cairo, and Kabul serve to heighten concern for their welfare. At Corrugated Metals, we are proud to be a U.S. Department of State certified supplier of a barrier protection product that helps them in their mission to provide a safe living and working environment for government personnel on duty abroad.

Our Metalith™ anti-ram vehicle and blast mitigation barrier is a simple yet highly effective solution to perimeter security. It consists of heavy-gauge corrugated steel sheets pinned together to form a box-like structure, which is then filled with a ballast material, such as dirt or sand. Extensive blast and crash testing has certified that Metalith™ protects properties and inhabitants from rocket propelled grenades, high explosives, and small arms fire — it can even stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 50 mph practically dead in its tracks! Its walls can be constructed up to 16 feet high, and for aesthetics, they can painted or paneled to fit into the landscape.

Metalith™ barriers are also an effective and widely used means for protecting other high-value targets, such as transportation facilities, power and chemical plants, technology sites, and laboratories. If your facility is at risk from unwanted intrusion, please visit the Metalith website for more detailed and technical information.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with all Americans whose dedication to serving their country puts them at risk of being in harms way. We salute you!

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