Value Added Services

Corrugated Metals, Inc. offers a strategic list of value added services that provide an efficient, single-source supply chain solution that brings measurable value and economy to our customers.

Value Added Services

We embrace new technologies and are consistently broadening the scope of our services to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients. The input of our consulting and design engineers can add additional expertise and a fresh perspective to any type of project, and we offer a range of value added manufacturing services that complement and support our roll forming operations.

In addition to supplying curved panels for specialized projects, such as Hush Houses, Quonset huts, airports, and architectural buildings, we provide coil processing services including cut-to-length, embossing, sheeting, and slitting. For those times when production spikes or seasonal demands are taxing your throughput, our toll processing services provide a cost-effective and timely solution. We operate a 90,000-square-foot warehouse facility to inventory your materials or finished products, and have the capacity to load 20’ and 40’ containers for overseas shipments.

Each of these services builds on the strengths of our core capabilities and is executed according to the same high quality standards. Providing this type of value to our customers has kept us thriving and successful for more than 125 years. You will find additional details about the full extent of our offerings in the table below. We invite you to contact us today to learn how any of our value added services can support your next project.

Value Added Services Specs


Two sets of radial curving rolls
Curved panels for specialized projects
Such as hush houses, Quonset huts, airports, and specialized architectural buildings.

Cutting to Length

Cut Steel and Aluminum Coils to any Length

Coil Widths Up to 60″
Gauges Up to 0.071″

Design Assistance

Engineering & Manufacturing Blue Prints
Design Assistance


Emboss Steel and Aluminum Coils

Up to 63″ to 66″ Width
Gauges from 0.017″ to 0.084″
Weighing up to 20,000 lbs
Adds 0.005” – 0.007” Height in Material

Press a Stucco Pattern into the Sheet


Two Slitting Stations

Ability to slit up to 24″ Coils
Gauges up to 0.125″

Press Braking

130 Ton Hydraulic Press – 2-Axis
Form up to 3/16″
12-foot Press Bed

Toll Manufacturing
Toll Processing

We roll form customer supplied materials

Warehousing/ Containerized Shipping

90,000 square-foot facility
We Stock for Customers
Shipments Worldwide
Custom Packaging
Capability to load both 20′ and 40′ containers

Ability to load closed-top, ocean-going, containers for overseas shipments


Plastic sheet that is tacky on one side
We apply this before the process
Sacrificial protective finish to protect surface of sheet applied during the process of roll forming


Conveyor Covers
Disaster Relief Facilities
Forage Boxes and Wagons
Fracking Tanks
Hush Houses
Metalith™ Products
Roofing and Siding
Roofing and Wall Panels
Side Walls and Roof Panels
Support Panels
Trailer Walls
Sound Walls
Parking Garages
Lumber Dry Kiln Plants
Pulp & Paper Plants
Steel Mills
Boiler Plants
Power Plants
Point of Purchase Displays, Signs and Fixtures
Cokemaking Facilities
Retail Designs

Production Volumes

000 lbs to 25 million lbs
Low Volume
High Volume
Large Run
Long Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run

Typical Lead Times

Standard Items: 2 – 3 Weeks
Specialty Items: 6 – 8 Weeks

Dependent on Material Specifications and Mill Lead Times

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Agriculture/Agricultural Equipment
Fiber Glass
Gas & Oil
Livestock Trailers
Power Plants

Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2015

File Formats

Autodesk Revit