Roll Forming FAQs

What is roll forming?

Roll forming is a process that takes metal sheet, usually coils, and passes it through a series of roller dies that progressively form the metal into the required profile or shape. The roll forming process can save end-users money since some operations, typically considered as secondary, can be combined in the roll forming operation.

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What metals do you most frequently roll form?

We have expertise in handling most common metals your corrugated project requires. We typically work with steel, aluminum, hot-dipped galvanized G-90 through G-285, cold–rolled CQ (Commercial Quality), hot-rolled P&O (pickled and oiled) COR-TEN®, stainless steel, aluminized
types 1 & 2, pre-painted sheet metal, and galvannealed.

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What is the thickest gauge you can roll form?

We can roll form 10-gauge metal.

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What are roll formed products typically used for?

Our products are used primarily in industrial roofing and siding applications plus panels for the transportation industry. Applications for our products include industrial and commercial buildings, agricultural storage facilities, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, airplane hangars, steel mills, food processing plants, and many others.

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Why should I consider roll forming my parts?

Roll forming offers many benefits including its strict consistent adherence to close tolerances. This allows Corrugated Metals, Inc. to provide the shapes or profile you need consistently each order.

It is possible to eliminate many typical secondary operations by using
the roll forming process reducing end-user costs. It is especially well
suited to long continuous run projects. The cut to length option roll forming offers helps reduce scrap costs and material storage needs.

However, the major advantage of roll forming is the increase in strength
to weight ratio over plain sheet metal. This strength allows some shapes
to be produced with thinner walls than competing processes, reducing
material costs.

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