Metalith™ Perimeter Security Barrier Walls

Corrugated Metals, Inc. proudly introduces our new Homeland Security line – The Metalith, our twenty-first century perimeter security system designed to protect critical infrastructure and personnel against terrorist attacks involving the use of explosives and/or speeding vehicles.

Originally used by the United States Armed Forces for force and critical equipment protection in forward areas, the Metalith has been modified to accommodate the growing demand for the protection of industrial, commercial, and government facilities of all types against attack.

The Metalith is a prefabricated steel wall structure that offers cost efficiency, superior asset protection, and ease of installation. The product is available in multiple sizes and configurations to meet the custom requirements of any site in need of perimeter protection. See Specifications/Range of sizes below.

Architects will prefer the Metalith barriers because it is available in varying paint finishes, metal substrate types, and modification options, to enhance aesthetics such as our anti-climb and roofing options.

There is nothing available on the market that offers both the blast mitigation protection and anti-ram vehicle deterrence that the Metalith does.

Product Characteristics

The Metalith is a prefabricated steel wall unit constructed from both 16 and 18-gauge corrugated steel panels that are connected with stainless steel pins, formed into a multiple course assemblies of varying heights, thickness, and shapes. The Metalith barriers are designed to provide anti-ram vehicle protection and blast mitigation. The table shown in the Specifications/Range of sizes that follows below shows the standard barrier sizes. (Custom sizes are available upon request). The Metalith can be manufactured from a variety of different materials, including

  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cor-Ten™ steel
  • Aluminum
  • Electrogalvanized steel

The Metalith is offered in a variety of paint colors and systems for architectural applications. This highly effective perimeter security system requires only commonly available dirt or sand to be used as ballast fill.


The main applications for our Metalith perimeter security barriers are to:

  • Protect personnel and assets from the direct effects of an explosive blast,
  • Deflect explosion blast waves / pressure waves,
  • Protect against anti-ram vehicle penetrations,
  • Protect personnel and assets from shrapnel and exploding fragments,
  • Screen against direct fire, and
  • Prevent chain reaction explosions among protected assets.

Industrial, commercial, and government facilities use our Metalith barrier wall systems as protection from unwanted intruders, from disgruntled former employees to terrorists, attempting to penetrate perimeter security using a vehicle intended to ram through a gate, wall, or security post or those intending to set off an explosive device to cause damage to facilities, assets, and personnel.

Facilities or organizations that can benefit the most by using our perimeter security barrier systems include:

  • Airport security
  • Border security
  • Embassies, consulates, foreign buildings and government offices
  • Industrial/Corporate
  • Liquid natural gas facilities
  • Military facilities and operations
  • Military forward operations
  • Oil and gas refineries/pipelines
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Power generation plants
  • Public Water Supply reservoirs
  • Seaports/Port Authority facilities

Download our full color chart to see what options are available. Click here to download the PDF.

Product Specifications

Corrugated Metals’ offers the Metalith security barriers in a variety of standard sizes and finishes.

Metalith Perimeter Security Barrier Wall Standard Sizes

6′ TallGauge8′ TallGauge10′ TallGauge12′ TallGauge14′ TallGauge

(Custom sizes available upon request)

The following table provides engineering data concerning the loads that can be successfully borne by Metalith physical perimeter security barriers.

Metalith Perimeter Security Barrier Wall Engineering Data

SizeWidthHeightNo. of courses Wind Speed*Ground
16 Ga. 18 Ga.
#13′6′275 psf @ 170 mph280 psf180 psf0.89g
#24′8′12100 psf @ 200 mph155 psf240 psf0.89g
#35′10′22125 psf @ 220 mph170 psf300 psf0.89g
#46′12′04150 psf @ 240 mph115 psf360 psf0.89g
#58′10′24200 psf @ 280 mph45 psf480 psf0.89g
#68′16′24200 psf @ 280 mph45 psf480 psf0.89g

* Denotes Exposure C,I=1.15
** Denotes 22 Ga. Roof Panels
Load Criteria Based on 2000 International Building Code


Corrugated Metals offers the Metalith perimeter security barriers in a wide range of finishes. Utilizing our exclusive Kynar-based Coranar™ coatings, Metalith steel panels can be matched to any architect-specified color. Custom color finishes can be available in as little as 3 weeks. Coranar™ coatings are environmentally safe, factory applied, provide top adhesion quality, and come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.


The Metalith perimeter security wall panels come with two architectural options. They are:

  1. Anti-climb panels
  2. Protective roof panels

Features and Benefits

Corrugated Metals, Inc.’s Metalith perimeter security barriers offer a number of important features and benefits. The Metalith barrier panels:

  • Provide excellent close standoff protection from high ordnance detonation shrapnel and explosive pressures due to the combination of the double steel inner and outer walls plus the ballast fill.
  • Stop heavier gauge ordnance providing significant protection versus near miss general-purpose bombs, direct hit small, high explosive, shaped charges, and 50 caliber ballistic impacts.
  • Will not collapse under hydrostatic pressure due to the strong 16 and 18-gauge steel construction with integrated cross members providing needed strength to mitigate the effects of significant hydrostatic pressure.
  • Are made out of 16-gauge and 18-gauge steel providing superior strength, durability, and blast mitigation and anti-ram vehicle crash protection.
  • Were designed as blast mitigation barriers and anti-ram vehicle barriers from inception rather than erosion protection.
  • Require no footings as they are surface-mounted, eliminating the need for any major excavation work to install footings, saving installation labor time and expense.
  • Are designed to offer permanent or semi-permanent construction, providing needed blast mitigation and crash protection for decades.
  • Are constructed of strong, and long-lasting, 16 or 18-gauge steel versus similar use products constructed of geotextile mesh panels providing superior strength and protection.
  • Use readily available dirt or sand ballast fill providing superior blast and ram protection at a reasonable cost.
  • Can be made in virtually any length and heights up to 16 feet in a straight, vertical, wall design.
  • Can be field repaired using welding or riveting equipment.
  • Can be fitted with our optional anti-climb panels making a vertical wall up to 16 feet tall, providing a straight vertical face that is extremely difficult to climb without climbing equipment.
  • Can provide permanent protection against rain and snow using the optional roof units providing a quick cap option that keeps moisture, rain, and snow from seeping into the structure providing a longer life product.
  • Will not deteriorate from prolonged exposure to the elements, temperature, and sunlight.
  • Don’t succumb to bearing pressures like gabions have.
  • Provide peace of mind to facilities that have install the Metalith panels due to their significantly increased security from intruders.

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