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The gauge or depth of a material.


The permissible variation from a specification for any characteristic of the product.

Tolerance types

In the roll forming process four types of tolerances are routinely measured including dimensional cross-sectional, length, angular, and
material straightness.

Tool longevity

The time a tool lasts before it must be replaced since it can no longer hold the required tolerances. Long-lasting tools are made from high-carbon, high-chrome hardened tool steel.

Truckload or Trailer load

A quantity of commodities, including primary and secondary metals,
weighing as much as 44,000 pounds, the standard weight limit on U.S.


Removing excess metal from a sheet to slightly adjust width or length
dimensions. Cutting scrap off a partially or fully shaped part to an established trim line.


Twist is a term used to define parts when they resemble a corkscrew
effect. This is often caused by excessive forming pressure in the
final formed part. Twist should be less than 5° in 10 feet of
roll formed parts. See bow, curve, camber, and sweep.

Twist - illustration

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A device that supports the coil while allowing the material to be fed into the roll forming machine without causing extreme drag and overrun.


Wheeling Corrugating Company

A now defunct manufacturer of roll formed products for residential, agricultural, construction, highway, and bridge building markets.  Wheeling Corrugating Company offered roofing and siding products, as well as decking products, including composite floor decks (B-deck), steel roof decks, and form decks. It also provided highway products, such as bridge forms and heavy duty steel systems for forming concrete bridge deck slabs; and painted coil products for HVAC, doors, lawnmower decks, light fixtures, ceiling grids, stove pipes, and shelving applications. Wheeling Corrugating Company was founded in 1890 was based in Wheeling, West Virginia and closed its doors in 2012.

Yield strength

The maximum stress that can be applied to a material without permanent deformation of that material.

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