Roll Forming Glossary/Dictionary G-L

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Steel sheet that is covered with zinc on both sides and immediately
heat-treated so the coating becomes a zinc-iron alloy bonded to the


Hard-rolled steel

Steel that was formed by rollers from a hot plastic state into its
final shape. It is characterized by a rough, scaly surface.


HSB-36 stands for High Shear B Deck. Typically, B-Decking is used in short to medium span conditions ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet in distance for roof decking. B-Deck is 1 1/2″ deep and the panels are corrugated.

Hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking (fracking)

Hydraulic fracturing, hydrofracking, or fracking is the process of drilling down deep and horizontally into the earth and injecting water and chemicals into rock layers which creates fractures in the rock. These fractures in the rock release petroleum, natural gas, or other substances that can be extracted at the surface.


Inboard mill

A roll forming machine with a housing only on one end of the roll
tooling shaft. See outboard spindle support machines and inboard
spindle support machines

Inboard spindle support machines

Inboard-type roll forming machines have spindle shafts supported on only one end. Inboard-type machines are used for forming light-gauge
products such as weather strips, moldings, and other simple shapes.
See outboard spindle support machines and inboard mill.

Inside radius

Another term for bend radius.

Inspection criteria

The characteristics by which the part will be evaluated both dimensionally and cosmetically.

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Jigs are devices set up to control tooling configurations, and provide
for repeatable production processes.



The leg is typically a 90% bend that is used for interconnection, mounting, or added structural support of the final product.

Length of the leg

A good rule of thumb is the leg length should be three times the
thickness of the material.

Length of the leg - illustration


Mechanical devices used to ensure material fed to the punch press
or roll forming machines is flat.

Load capacity

Material type and thickness establish the load capacity that a given
roll forming machine is required to generate.

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