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Double-head machines

Roll forming machines with two sets of housings and roll shafts mounted
to face each other. These machines are popular in the shelving industry.
These machines do not form the center of a panel effectively. See
conventional machines, single-duty machines.

Drive system

The system or method used to drive the roll forming unit. The five common methods include chain drive, spur gear drive, worm gear drive,
square gearing, and universal drive depending on the type of roll forming machine used.


The ability of a material to be bent or otherwise formed without
fracture. This is very critical in the roll forming process.

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Elastic limit

The maximum stress that a material will stand before permanent deformation occurs. See springback.


A process used for both decorative and functional purposes and typically
performed prior to the roll forming operation. The decorative appearance is often a stucco or grained look.

End flare

End flare is the deformation at the ends of a roll formed part. End
flare can be eliminated or at least reduced through using proper roll
forming tool design. End flare is normally apparent after cut off
and is caused by the release of residual forming stresses in material
being roll formed, where one longitudinal end springs open and the
other springs closed.

End joiner

A system consisting of a shear and a welder used to connect the ends
of the coils permitting a continuous strip of metal to enter the roll
forming machine.


A process which shapes a piece of metal (typically nonferrous) by
forcing the metal bloom, bar, or rod through a die of appropriate

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Ferrous metals

Metals which are iron-based. See non-ferrous metals.


A bend in a material, or the actual process of bending a metal-formed


The operation of converting a flat sheet metal workpiece into a three
dimensional part.

Forming rolls

Forming rolls are the tools that form the moving material through
the roll forming machine.


A term used to describe the degree to which the designed part will
perform to meet its intended purpose.

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