Corrugating FAQs

What kind of corrugated metal profiles do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of corrugated metal profiles including:

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Can I get my pre-finished metal corrugated?

Yes. We have the capability to corrugate pre-finished metals including
painted, coated, and plasticized metals.

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Can you corrugate wide metal strips?

Yes, we can, depending on your definition of “wide”. We are unique among providers of metal corrugating services in that we can roll strip as narrow as 18″ and as wide as 63″. We specialize in corrugating metal with a gauge as thin as 0.017″ up to 0.250″.

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Does Corrugated Metals, Inc. offer any unique secondary

Besides our basic roll forming capabilities, we offer a wide selection of secondary services our customers enjoy including toll processing their materials, embossing, cut to length, press braking, slitting, warehousing, curving, and providing containerized shipping.

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What is stucco embossing?

Stucco embossing applies a pebble-like finish etched into the formed metal. This process helps to reduce the amount of light reflecting off the metal, adds strength to the material, and makes the product more esthetically pleasing.

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What is COR-TEN® Steel?

COR-TEN® is a high strength, low-alloy steel produced by United States Steel. Besides its strength, the other main advantage of using COR-TEN® is its resistance to atmospheric corrosion. COR-TEN® develops its corrosion resistant coating quickly, which also provides a characteristic color desired by many architects. COR-TEN® is frequently roll formed by Corrugated Metals.

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What is Alclad?

Alclad is a composite sheet produced by bonding either corrosion-resistant
aluminum alloy, often 7072, or aluminum of high purity to base metal,
usually 3004 aluminum, of structurally stronger aluminum alloy. The
coatings protect exposed areas of the core electrolytically during exposure
to corrosive environment.

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