Corrugated Bold Rib I Siding – Cedar Rapids Parking Garage

This architecturally pleasing parking garage is a new addition to downtown Cedar Rapids, IA. Corrugated Metals, Inc. is proud to be a supplier for this high profile job.


CMI and our sales representative in Iowa, RW Brimeyer Sales, closed the deal to supply the siding panels for the Cedar Rapids Parking Garage in Cedar Rapids. This unique project designed by OPN Architects from Cedar Rapids, managed by Knutson Construction, and erected by Rushton Sheet Metal out of Iowa City, IA, encompassed our Bold Rib I profile made out of 0.080 Non-Clad perforated aluminum.

The design started with perforated .25” diameter x .437” staggered center holes supplied by Accurate Perforating Company, Inc from Chicago, IL. CMI formed the metal in our Bold Rib I siding profile that comes 33.5” wide. We cut the panels to custom lengths dictated by our customer. After the product was formed into CMI’s Bold Rib I profile, it was post-painted by Crystal Finishing Systems, Inc. in four different colors on both sides. The colors used for this project were blue and various shades of gray. Detailed inspections of all critical dimensions ensured the integrity of this 25,000 square-foot project.

Construction for this project commenced in January 2013 and was completed in June 2014.

Corrugated and perforated panels are a simple yet elegant solution for creating striking designs that give depth and texture to a building exterior, and our precision workmanship brought life to this architect’s aesthetic expression. More specific details about this project can be found in the table below.

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Product Description Bold Rib I Siding Panel
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary: Roll Forming

Secondary: Cutting to Length

Overall Dimensions Length: Varies
Material Used 0.080 Aluminum Non-Clad Perforated
Material Finish Coranar post-painted 4 different colors on both sides with a clear coat finish
In process testing/inspection performed Dimensional Inspection

  • Length, Width, Cover, Depth, Thickness
Industry for Use Industrial
Delivery/Turnaround Time  12 weeks
Delivery Location Cedar Rapids, IA
Standards Met Customer Specifications, ISO 9001:2008