In 1887, as Thomas Edison established his first laboratory, Otis patented the elevator, and the Mighty (Dan) Casey struck out, Corrugated Metals (then known as Penn Metals), opened its doors for business in Jersey City, NJ. Our long history, condensed version: In the original five thousand square foot facility, operations consisted of forming aluminum and steel industrial, commercial, and architectural roofing and siding products. In 1958, the company was purchased by long term employee Edward S. Carlton, and in 1971 his son, Edward S. Carlton, Jr., assumed the role as president, changing its name to Corrugated Metals, Inc. Later in the decade as business prospered, a second plant was opened in Chicago, and operations were consolidated into this one hundred thousand square foot facility in 1991. At the same time our product line was expanded to include component parts for the freight car, passenger rail, construction, and trailer markets. The 2000’s brought us into the military industry as a supplier of blast and vehicle barrier systems.

What has kept us thriving? A focus on the core principles and sound fundamentals of running a business. Seizing growth and expansion opportunities without taking unnecessary risks. Uncompromising quality. Providing value to our customers, and establishing a trusted relationship with them and our suppliers. Respect for our staff and a worker-friendly environment. Experience in managing the good times and bad.

In the last 125 years, we’ve seen many businesses, from “mom and pop shops” to Fortune 500 companies, come and go. We’re still here, and look forward to our next 100 years! Thanks for reading our first blog and getting to know us a bit better. We invite you back for monthly updates on us and the industry. In the meantime, please visit our website to learn about all we have to offer.